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Hello everyone,

I do enjoy a traditional commission from time to time and this is what Balint Kollar, a wonderful Patron of mine, asked for :D They asked me to draw something they got inspired of from a fanfiction, having Starlight Glimmer hugging her daughter Cinnamon with a warm, motherly expression.

In the fanfiction itself, Balint told me the appearance of Cinnamon, the daughter of Starlight and Sunburst, is not explained, which is why I had the task to come up with a design for her myself, something I absolutely adored doing! The name already helped and knowing who her parents are made it easy for me to come up with an overall colour scheme and other features. The only information given was that she's a young pegasus in Kindergarten, nothing else than that and I decided to give her a light brown, almost creme or bisquit like coat colour and a slightly darker warm brown for her mane. She has the eyes of her mother and white areas on her legs and on her snout from her father Nawww, it was so sweet to come up with her design! I love it hehe.

Since Starlight is a little older now, I have her a different look with her mane, that actually adds pretty well to her character if you ask me. Combined with that motherly hug and warm smile, I feel like this scene really came to life with the little filly leaning against her. I quite enjoyed working on this, especially colouring it then. It went smoothly and without many problems.

Thank you Balint for your amazing support and always kind way of answering :D It means a lot to me!

Really hope you like it ;)

Time: Around 2 1/2 to 3 Hours

If you want to support me, make sure to check out my Patreon. Every little bit helps me to keep my work possible and is very much appreciated. Thank you

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safe1615089 artist:lupiarts583 starlight glimmer45598 oc626734 oc:cinnamon35 pegasus257095 pony882791 unicorn285005 coloured pencil34 colourful103 commission58552 cute186175 daughter580 female1285700 filly61577 hug26171 mare439244 mother2224 mother and daughter5398 offspring35355 parent:starlight glimmer1233 parent:sunburst937 parents:starburst436 traditional art111198


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