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Pink Pony also hops in Pink Room, but Pink Pony mainly sits in Pink room.


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So yeah, I decided to animate that Pinkie smile render I did a few days back. It’s been a while, so why not? I wanted to test out the revised body rigging anyway, and it seems to work nicely for me. This is also my first actual animation that includes “jiggle physics” automated hair animation. I use it for the mane exclusively. I still animate the tail manually, as the script I’m using for the physics isn’t well equipped to handle collisions, which it would obviously need to do with the floor. But other than a few clean ups I’ve made to a few frames, the mane is pretty much completely automated animation with armature based physics.
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Blender 3D Animator
This was not realtime. This was using Blender Cycles, as all of my renders use. I prefer it because it’s far easier to use in my opinion, because physical based rendered usually just works without much hassle while real time renderers requires a lot of setup to make sure everything works and doesn’t break and all that.

that was the most likely method I was thinking of.  
I also considered given some of the older ones with out hairs modeled, that it may have been a really high detail shape that got extruded.
The other thing im curious about was if this used a ‘real time’ render method (lets call anything sub 20 seconds a frame real time) or if this is a ray/path traced thing. depending on how much you are willing to set up, I could see either method being viable.
Kinship Through Differences - Celebrated the 11th anniversary of MLP:FIM!
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
The Power of Love - Given to a publicly verified artist with an image under their artist’s tag that has reached 1000 upvotes
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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Blender 3D Animator
Oh, if you want to know, my model uses layered meshes to fake hair strands. Each layer has a unique randomized strand pattern using stretched noise. I usually use around 8 layers for each of my models.

for a show…  
on the free side of things  
a lot of animation, especially small projects end up being made/done in real time engines, with effects that cant be done ‘real time’ with time to bake
as for this… to do the whole show in 3d, you would need to have standard animations that all characters would use, and possibly face map some standard expressions that would be able to be dropped in and smoothed over. the process of animating 2d is largely the same as 3d, what changes is render times and aesthetics. 2d can get cranked out relatively fast on the render side, while 3d will take some time, while 3d allows you access to some physics controlled things so you have to take less time hand animation everything, culling to make the object look good sure, but generally easier to iterate then hand.
Its interesting to look into 3d animation and 2d animation, rigging and animating…
take pinkies hair, there are ways to do that with individual strands, there are also ways to fake it with FAR less process intensive means, I can’t tell for sure exactly what was done here from the final animation, due to youtube and gifs not being ideal for maintaining quality. looking at the deviant art page, it looks like they could have gone strands from the renders, but there are a few ways I know to fake strands on solid objects… I dont have the model and don’t really care enough at the moment to seek it out and open it, but there are ways to sage time in renders, and with some physics engines, gta4 I think used something called euphoria which would keep things trying to maintain a center of balance, I think you could get a fairly good pinkie with a mix of that and hand animation areas.
also, look into rigging a human, there are ways that you can freely move hands and stuff around that moves the entire arm along with it… as long as you aren’t going for 100% perfection, you can get good results out of that.

@Valra Bellkeys  
It takes less time then you would think.  
generally a perfect scene, through full ray/path tracing takes around 2-2.5 hours a frame at 4k (I believe) if you are doing things at a hobby level (movies typically demand FAR more and some single frames have taken 300+hours but render farms are a thing for a reason)  
from here you can usually cut down that time down fairly significantly with denoisers, allowing you to go from needing real samples to being able to get most of it right with very few, taking a 2-2.5 down to 10-15 minutes  
animation however does not pair well with per frame denoisers, which is where you can save more time by going from 3d program to composting and using a video degrainer, these do FAR better with animation then per frame denoise and are on par if not better then per frame solutions
3 seconds, not saying its 60fps, so im guessing 30, possibly 24 if youtube doesn’t tell you that in fps anymore, but let’s assume 30. it could be anywhere from just shy of 200 hours for full renders, to around 99 if the pc is beastly.  
with denoise 9 hours to 1 day
as a point of personal preference I like game engines/real time/semi real time rendering more than I like raytraced just due to being able to get things done in real time opposed to needing to render things out forever, mixed in with a well done scene that knows how to hide its flaws will look close enough to ray traced to not matter.  
personally, I would load a scene up and let it do things that may take it 5-10 seconds a frame, but keep in mind what current game engines do in real time. but granted it’s been a very long time since I did anything 3d outside of dicking around with sculpting, there may be some newer things i’m missing that subtract more time or cause things to take longer, but my understanding is everyone is doing denoise due to the drastic cost savings.
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A single person managed to make a better 3D Pinkie Pie animation than an official short released by Hasbro.