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Page 663 – Odds Against

Ridiculous failures are always more fun when the players roll with it.* A good sense of humor can help failure sting less and keep it from dragging things down.

*Which they might as well, because rolling is what got them there in the first place.

DM: <sigh> You arrive in Canterlot by train and then travel to the field where the rodeo was held. By now, you can see that the event space is being torn down. Roll Streetwise to either find Applejack or somepony who knows where she is.
SFX: <roll> <roll> <roll> <roll> <roll>
Fluttershy: Ohhh… We didn’t do so well…
Rarity: Did we all experience sudden memory loss? "Yes, I’m looking for someone. I forgot the name, but I’m fairly certain they’re a pony."
Pinkie Pie: "I brought a photo, but it’s only in black-and-white! So like this, but more orange-y!"
Twilight Sparkle: "Sorry, we must’ve grabbed her baby pictures by mistake."
Rainbow Dash: "She had a cowboy hat and a southern drawl. Oh wait, that describes basically all of you."
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