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Page 661 – Excellence to Others

So yeah, the facade drops. This arc will not be Hurricane Fluttershy, but rather The Last Roundup. It wasn’t much of a ruse, but I couldn’t resist toying with you guys a little bit.

No podcasts this week either, partly for good reasons (one of our players urgently needed to visit a dentist), partly for bad reasons (I caught that kind of autumn bug where you have no energy which is depressing and frankly this has just been a rough month so far).

Rarity: So! Off to the Equestria Rodeo… thing or whatever?
DM: One last order of business first. The pegasi you’re leaving behind. In-character, you’re about to go out of town, possibly for multiple days. They’ll be training in the meantime. Anything you want to say to them? Rainbow Dash, I’m looking at you.
Rainbow Dash: I know you are. Gimme a sec. <ahem> Be cool. We out.
DM: …Okay then.
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