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The Epilogue will also have 3 parts. Based on a scene in Avengers: Endgame

I this picture, we have AndoAnimalia, MajkaShinoda626, ShinyPteranodon, ChristineFazcat, DavidLovesK-Pop2001, FluttershyFan1997, NatalieDaPotatoYT, Dracorider19, CybertronianBrony, CasimusPrime, Shawna1998, catdragon4, AmethystMajesty25, ABB0002, Lillian, Candy, Ethan Jr, Rumble, Thunderlane, Fluttershy, Cloudchaser, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Starlight Glimmer, Applejack, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Princess Luna, Sandbar, Shining Armor, Princess Cadence, Princess Flurry Heart, Twilight Velvet, Night Light, Big Macintosh, Spike, Caramel, Lighting Dust, Coco Pommel, Trixie Lulamoon, Lyra Heartstrings, Twinkleshine, Shoeshine, Blossomforth, Shady Daze, Noi, Braeburn, Babs Seed, Marble Pie, Caramel, Noteworthy, PaulySentry, Diamond Tiara, LunaticDawn, CyanLightning, Soarin, Fleetfoot, High Winds, Blaze, Misty Fly and Rara

Anyways here we go with the crediting

Rumble Sad Vector by Chrzanek97

Sandbar Vector by luckreza8

Sad Spike Vector by SolemnScruffy

Crying Rainbow Dash Vector by hombre0

Sad Rarity Vector by Rubez2525

Fluttershy Vector by Reginault

Credit to AndoAnimalia for his ponysona and the ponysona vectors

Twilight Velvet Vector by EStories

Cadence Sad by J5A4

Princess Luna sad by D4SVader

Thunderlane vector by Vector-Brony

Rocky Metal belongs to FluttershyFan1997

Dino Shining Heart Belongs To ShinyPteranodon

Shawna Ponysona belongs to Shawna1998

David ponysona belongs to DavidLovesK-Pop2001

Christine Ponysona belongs to ChristineFazcat

Creative Wave belongs to Dracorider19

Shining Spark belongs to CybertronianBrony

Cyan Lightning belongs to CyanLightning

Amethyst Majesty belongs to AmethystMajesty25

Andy Ponysona belongs to AndoAnimalia

Marianna Ponysona belongs to MajkaShinoda626

Titan Rider belongs to CasimusPrime

Sweet Melody belongs to catdragon4

Shield Wing by CasimusPrime

Noi Vector by Pikamander2

Lightning Dust Vector by Puetsua

Shoeshine Sad Vector by Volodragon

Lyra Crying by kyrospawn

Twinkleshine Vector by Likonan

Trixie Vector by luckreza8

Coloratura Crying by jhayarr23

Shady Daze Vector by Leapingriver

Candy belongs to DavidLovesK-Pop2001

Lillian Belongs to Shawna1998

Pauly Sentry belongs to PaulySentry plus the vector

MLP belongs to Hasbro and DHX Media

Credit to whoever made the Cloudchaser Vector, Shining Armor Vector, and Sunset Shimmer Vector

Ethan Jr and My Ponysona belongs to me

I actually almost cried making this

Feel free to comment down your thoughts
safe1556373 artist:andoanimalia529 artist:chrzanek97195 artist:cyanlightning982 artist:d4svader32 artist:estories2138 artist:hombre029 artist:j5a4257 artist:jawsandgumballfan24323 artist:jhayarr23952 artist:leapingriver64 artist:likonan69 artist:luckreza8735 artist:pikamander235 artist:puetsua398 artist:reginault168 artist:rubez252532 artist:solemnscruffy2 artist:vector-brony674 artist:volodragon10 apple bloom46202 applejack157334 babs seed5619 big macintosh26676 blaze271 blossomforth1336 blues906 bon bon15482 braeburn6084 caramel2336 cloudchaser3681 coco pommel5425 coloratura2660 diamond tiara9584 fleetfoot1894 fluttershy195866 lightning dust4175 marble pie6055 misty fly466 night light1948 noi576 noteworthy907 princess cadance30130 princess flurry heart6143 princess luna93174 rainbow dash217305 rarity168024 rumble3771 sandbar4546 scootaloo48836 shady daze353 shining armor21557 soarin'13256 spike74241 starlight glimmer43028 sunset shimmer56705 sweetie belle46291 sweetie drops15482 twilight velvet3759 twinkleshine1938 oc594275 oc:amethyst majesty1 oc:andoanimalia10 oc:creative wave4 oc:cyan lightning204 oc:dino shining heart7 oc:ethan25 oc:lightning27 oc:pauly sentry374 oc:rocky metal3 oc:shawna5 oc:shining spark4 oc:sweet melody40 oc:titan rider2 alicorn191208 dragon46642 earth pony190800 pegasus232754 pony827511 unicorn257995 avengers346 avengers: endgame159 brothers743 colt13134 crying39617 dark4133 endgame32 endgame spoilers4 female880644 filly58432 foal14658 funeral198 kyrospawn23 lake1374 male299362 mare404734 marvel1317 movie reference532 nightlight60 sad22420 siblings5686 spoilers for another series813 stallion90465 vector70604 vectors used8 wall of tags2248 wreath813


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