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This is what I think what would happen in the series finale of MLP:FiM. Before Grogar was about to stomp his hoof, he realized his Gauntlet didn't have the Elements of Harmony, and Twilight, who has bruises and scars (let's say they are on the other side of her face). With her gaultnet powering up, she stomped her hooves and a huge explosion of light, the size of the Empire State Building beamed the almost dark sky, causing all of the villains such as Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, Mean 6, Storm King, and the rest of the villains that didn't reform to disappear into dust particles. Then Grogar disappeared last.

Queen Chrysalis Vector by CloudyGlow

Grogar Vector found on Villains Wiki
safe1602026 artist:cloudyglow2004 artist:jawsandgumballfan24329 grogar1296 lord tirek5070 queen chrysalis33108 twilight sparkle286334 alicorn203053 centaur2975 changeling42173 changeling queen13424 pony870529 1000 hours in ms paint5107 and i am iron man15 avengers: endgame165 crystal empire2130 destruction1356 female1274395 harmony gauntlet20 ram624 spoilers for another series854 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117418


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