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after just 9 years of FIM, it’ll end next month, the same month where it all started in 2010

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it’s so surreal to me that mlp:fim premiered when i was a sophomore in high school who had just recently turned 16 and by the time it officially wraps up i’ll be 25 years old.
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Ponies is already over for those of us who saw the leaks. No biggie, all good things must come to an end.

As long as G5 is half as good i’ll watch it.
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@Shimmering Spectacle
I mean, people kinda have good reason to be wary or cynical. In recent years a lot of popular franchises have gone down the drain hard in terms of quality and survive due to brand recognition and extreme fan loyalty, the kind of people who would defend anything no matter how many issues are in these things.

I’m trying to remain cautiously optimistic about G5. I hope it’s good, I’d be really, really happy if it is, but I’m not making any expectations, either and if it ends up being total garbage, I’d be a bit disappointed, but also not surprised either. That said, I am absolutely going to give it a chance, because I really, really love MLP.
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after season finale i will doing other job because long hiatus,but no worry i waiting G5 soon :)
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For me, the show ended a long while ago. I’ve just been watching the body go on tour. It’ll be surreal and bittersweet to finally bury it, but it’s something I’ve been waiting for.
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IMO, it should be October 10th. Y’know, make it nine years to the day.
Oh well, Friendship is Magic had a good long run. Eight-and-a-half seasons, a movie, the EQG side series, the IDW comics, and easily becoming the most popular and profitable MLP generation.
But instead of mourning its end, we ought to be celebrating its longevity and looking optimistically onward to Gen 5.
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