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Page 634 – What Is It Good For?

Author: Lyntermas

Newbiespud’s Note: No Fallout is Dragons or Mawlers Take Manehattan this week, which is nice because I won’t have spent all last night editing before my birthday! Yay!

…No idea what I’m gonna do today, though. These past couple of years, since most of my friends don’t live near me and I tend not to have much money after bills, I just assume my birthday will be a day like any other.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, DM, you left one of your notebooks on the table.
DM: Huh? Oh, I almost misse that. Could you please hand it over?
Twilight Sparkle: "The Jack Pine Party"? I don’t think I’ve heard of that before.
DM: I believe I asked you to "hand it over", not "read the DM’s notes".
Twilight Sparkle: Oops, sorry. Is it going to be a big part of our campaign?
DM: …Not as much as it oculd have been. I suppose I can tell you the common knowledge. While Celestia is Equestria’s supreme ruler, there are several… "special interest" groups who try to influence her decision-making and laws, both directly and through public opinion. The Jack Pine Party’s motto is "Fire brings forth new growth." They feel that the best way for Equestria to move forward is to pursue more aggressive agendas for the safety and prosperity of its citizens.. Militarization, rapid expansion, silencing "dissenters and traitors", etc.
Twilight Sparkle: So, they’re warmongers? But Equestria’s enjoyed peace for centuries; why would they want to lose that?
DM: Some of them look at Equestria’s more militant neighbors with fear… or possible envy. Others think that a war could present some new business opportunities for enterprising individuals. And some… just think that Equestria is overdue for some chaos and upheaval. Of ocurse, your party’s actions have put a major damper on their aspirations.
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, because we defeated Nightmare Moon?
DM: Yes, they were going to be a major part of the Nightmare Moon campaign. Even after she was defeated, her reign would be the perfect example to convince both Celestia and the public to embrace more militarization and control, to prevent something similar from happening again. However, it’s a bit hard to build up the public’s fear when your nation’s great foe is defeated by six civilians with a weapon powered by friendship in a matter of HOURS. And with your efforts on Nightmare Night to reintegrate Princess Luna back into society, the Jack Pine Party doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on. So, Equestria maintains its policy of "love and tolerance".
Twilight Sparkle: So we indirectly prevented Equestria from becoming a police state. Good to hear. Besides, it’s not like there’s an army planning to invade us, right?
DM: …Welp, I’m going to bed. Could you hit the lights on your way out?
Twilight Sparkle: …Oh, sure. *click* I, uh, noticed you haven’t answered my question-
DM: See you next week, Twilight.
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