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Artist’s Description

Sketch from last night of Orpheus and Octavus sleeping in, and Milkyway taking advantage of the two sleepy bats
suggestive (112829)artist:blackblood-queen (803)oc (523678)oc:octavus (91)oc only (363199)oc:orpheus (59)anthro (200205)bat pony (35696)cat (4414)unguligrade anthro (37290)anthro oc (25195)bat pony oc (10035)bedsheets (511)facial hair (3872)facial scar (1)facial scars (1)fangs (17643)gay (22682)guards of the heart (18)implied nudity (362)male (257047)oc x oc (11094)pillow (12751)scar (8518)shipping (164049)sleeping (19193)stallion (72684)

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