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Piece I commissioned from TheBrokenCOG
safe (1431293)artist:thebrokencog (754)rarity (157853)shining armor (20128)equestria girls (160009)alumna gleaming shield (14)ass (35984)belly button (59764)belt (3616)breasts (204140)butt (9713)clothes (356353)cutie mark on clothes (617)equestria guys (820)female (761863)gleaming shield (971)half r63 shipping (1474)holding hands (1918)kissing (20126)leggings (1343)lesbian (82022)lockers (1115)midriff (16262)miniskirt (3794)pleated skirt (3406)rariarmor (44)rule 63 (22764)shipping (164762)skirt (31583)thighs (4656)

not provided yet


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Background Pony #DE16
That is the most hilariously useless skirt I’ve ever seen. That or it’s the most useless belt I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to tell.
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Background Pony #B8FC

Well, unless there’s something new in the last couple of specials, there hasn’t really been any hint that Shining Armor and Dean Cadance are together in EqG period.
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Comments22 comments posted