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safe1728089 artist:5mmumm5310 applejack171577 fluttershy214988 pinkie pie218264 rainbow dash236290 rarity183695 sci-twi24667 sunset shimmer63895 twilight sparkle303244 alicorn228685 pony988304 unicorn332791 equestria girls203300 equestria girls series33641 spring breakdown2736 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14528 armpits43194 converse5745 cute203023 female1382346 glasses63164 holding a pony3050 human ponidox3566 humane five3499 humane seven2610 humane six3323 implied lesbian3515 implied scitwishimmer208 implied shipping5109 implied sunsetsparkle307 lesbian98146 looking at you172285 mare491526 one eye closed31617 rarijack7112 self ponidox8238 shipping203006 shoes37646 simple background401553 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124960 white background100405 wink25215


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With the few that seem to love pinkie pie's cupcake shaped fanny pack along with sunset shimmer and twilight holding the pony versions of themselves.