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Page 592 – Amoral Superiority

I think I kind of outed myself as a relatively inexperienced newb (hey, whaddaya know?) in the last Author’s Note. I hope no one thinks any less of me for not quite having the authentic old-school hand-crafted organic free-range D&D experience.

Anyway, it’s Fallout is Dragons, on time!
Session 42 – An Angry Mob: Libsyn YouTube

Rainbow Dash: Well, I’m ready now. Let’s smash that record!
DM: Go for it.
Rainbow Dash: <roll> <roll> <roll> <roll>
DM: That’s… Well… The Athletics checks were a little worse, but you passed the Acrobatics DCs. Which means you got a slower base time, but no penalty – about 18 seconds to Applejack’s 22 total.
Rainbow Dash: So I win?!
DM: Yeah.
Rainbow Dash: ALLLRIGHT!
Fluttershy: Can I be the one marking the official scoreboard?
DM: That sounds good. Put Rainbow Dash at one point.
Rainbow Dash: Heheh. Bet you wish you hadn’t helped me now.
Applejack: Nah, I’ll just be content with the knowledge that you would’ve been at a disadvantage without me.
Rainbow Dash: …Hey! You can’t parry my gloating! I won!
Applejack: The first event. Of 20. Good luck.
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