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Page 590 – Experiential Challenge

590?! Are we really that close to another one of those coveted 100-page milestones where I don’t actually do anything special for them?

Although… Page 600 will land on the Thursday right before Everfree Northwest, on the day I probably check into my hotel. So I guess me appearing at EFNW and (possibly) running a panel is the 600-page special thing somehow?

Either way, this is not a good month to have to fit in production for another Story Time video on top of everything else. That’ll be for 700.

DM: With Pinkie’s help, you’ve managed to convince some friends and family to watch. More might show up as the competition goes on, though. The first event is the barrel weave, where your Athletics and Acrobatics are tested in tandem. You’ll each make four rolls, two for each skill, and the modified result determines how well you do.
Rainbow Dash: The test to determine the best athlete comes down to four skill checks?
DM: There are 20 events total – the 12 you came up with and a few of my own.
Applejack: So it comes down to like 80 skill checks. Great.
DM: I’ll make sure they go very quickly.
Applejack: Y’know, it’s funny. We can just look at our character sheets and see who has the best Athletics. Look. I’ve got 14, you’ve got 12.
Rainbow Dash: You… what?? That doesn’t sound right…
DM: Applejack, care to go first?
Applejack: Sure thing.
DM: Roll Athletics, then Acrobatics, then repeat both.
Applejack: Okay. <roll>
DM: That’s good. Keep going.
Applejack: <roll> <roll> <roll>
DM: On that last Acrobatics check, you kind of fell short and bumped into one of the barrels, incurring a time penalty.
Applejack: Aw, dagnabbit.
DM: But you did pretty well on the rest, so your time comes to 17 plus 5 seconds.
Applejack: So all Dash needs to do is ace those Acrobatics checks. Oh well. Was a good try.
Rainbow Dash: Um… yeah. Hey, guys? We leveled up last session, right? I think I might’ve… uh, forgotten to do that.
Applejack: Oh.
DM: Wait, really?!
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