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Page 588 — Ten Times a Decade

As a DM, if you want to hinder the players somehow without being to obvious, you can try "helping" them instead: Tagging along an NPC that has the same aspirations but messes up in some small or big way. Of course, you'll need to previously have had genuinely helpful NPCs tag along so that they don't suspect the plot twist too quickly.

Oh, I'm not implying anything about Spike here, by the way. Sometimes the "helpful" tagalong is just there to poke fun at the players.

Applejack: Since I'm in now, I can get my family to help with all the supplies we need. That should help speed things along.
Twilight Sparkle: I guess we should figure out our roles, then. I'd make a pretty impartial judge, since you're both my friends.
Fluttershy: I'm sure some of my animal friends wouldn't mind volunteering as staff.
Pinkie Pie: I can spread the word and make this event the talk of the town!
Rarity: I can… help decorate.
Spike: And I can be the announcer! "Hello, everyone, and welcome to the First Annual Iron Pony Competition!"
Twilight Sparkle: We're doing this again next year?
Spike: "Annual" just makes it sound more official. C'mon, Twi, this is basic stuff.
safe1615067 artist:newbiespud1349 edit123019 edited screencap59210 screencap210714 applejack162537 fluttershy202928 pinkie pie207409 rainbow dash223987 rarity173735 spike75738 twilight sparkle288223 dragon50893 earth pony215746 pony882775 unicorn284995 comic:friendship is dragons1508 fall weather friends685 barrel1508 comic103314 dialogue60958 dragons riding ponies550 female1285680 flower23430 flying35568 happy28802 looking back51929 male343627 mane seven6151 mane six30365 mare439242 riding5006 screencap comic4333 slit eyes4173 smiling224418 stick640 unicorn twilight14350


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