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Hey guys

This commission for Strlightstream on Twitter was really fun to make :D He asked me to draw me riding a Them's Fighting Herds character of my choice in Comic Sins style.

While I was thinking about Arizona or Tianhuo to be the characters to make this a more epic image, I decided to chose Paprika instead since I think she is a perfect candidat for the Comic Sins style and make it rather cute and silly Epic is good and all, but more fitting to my normal style :P
I really had fun drawing this, especially our faces and Paprika herself! Oh my gosh, I love Alpacas and fluffy creatures, I just had to draw her looking like a cloud almost XD And her little tongue :P It was an enjoyable process for sure, regarding I'm also having a lot of fun riding the bouncy alpaca girl.
The background should be a rodeo arena and I think it didn't turn out so bad Sure, it's kinda empty, but I think I'm getting used to my comic sins style more and more now and think the overall appearance creates a decent unity and doesn't differ too much. Besides, they could be practicing alone here, so no viewers, other than us, needed :P
For the colouring, I sure went with the normal colours and pretty realistic ones for the background as well, but tended to add more orange and blue areas here and there to give it a certain tone. A contrast and colour pair I really like.

I want to thank Strlightstream aka Mario for commissioning me and for his support since I absolutely appreciate it Thank you! It was a pleasure working with you!

Time: Around 3 Hours
safe1637057 artist:lupiarts588 paprika paca791 oc641463 oc:lupi49 oc:lupiarts40 alpaca864 unicorn294106 them's fightin' herds4012 cartoony76 clothes434633 cloven hooves9355 commission61060 community related3810 cute189294 digital art15816 duo54503 female1303007 fluffy13514 jumping3174 male350308 riding5112 rodeo106 scarf22253 stallion100304 tongue out97067


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