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 I really love the twilight kids that a lot of artists do and I decided to pick a few from many for this little gift. Maybe I’ll do more later but for now it will be.  


 A meeting between universes. The children meet during an afternoon with tea and donuts, but soon a very fast and roguish rabbit ends the party by stealing Sunrise’s glasses. That scene makes everyone have fun  

 Fun Fact:  

 Blue Winter, my gay boy doesn’t know how to interact with girls, so he’s very nervous about meeting his otherworldly sisters  

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safe (1427688)artist:kurosawakuro (23)oc (524502)oc only (363479)pegasus (187641)pony (695204)rabbit (3487)unicorn (202778)animal (2303)base used (10535)donut (1504)female (758830)food (51001)glasses (46934)half-siblings (528)interdimensional siblings (128)magical lesbian spawn (8426)male (257548)mare (334531)offspring (28728)parent:flash sentry (2196)parent:princess luna (1651)parent:rainbow dash (4299)parents:flashlight (1895)parents:sunsetsparkle (322)parents:twidash (588)parents:twiluna (270)parent:sunset shimmer (1168)parent:twilight sparkle (6183)stallion (72854)sugarcube corner (1693)


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