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Well, I didn't have any plans to do another one of these, but random inspiration is random. _
This time some supporting characters take a dip, mostly because they have official swimwear available: Watermelody (top left), Octavia Melody (top), Lyra Heartstrings (center), and Trixie (bottom front)

Just for kicks I edited the pic so it fits to the right of the original, complete pic — though I don't plan of assembling them all because the picture would be HUGE. o_O
Original, complete parts here:

I DO NOT claim ownership to the Equestria Girls of to the My Little Pony franchise.Picture concept and lineart by shoxxe/ Stephane G.
safe (1500358) artist:shoxxe (21) lyra heartstrings (26914) octavia melody (21616) trixie (59214) watermelody (872) fish (2023) seahorse (101) equestria girls (169767) bikini (14491) black and white (10130) clothes (381267) flippers (135) grayscale (32541) monochrome (139832) snorkel (375) snorkeling (112) swimming (1562) swimsuit (22713) underwater (4106)


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With the group on snorkel diving when those wonder if Octavia's hand movements in the original sketch deliberately peels off lyra heartstring's panty as part of her bikini leaving her bottomless for the group and the marine life to see her sweet pussy.