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Page 544 — Voice of Treason

Social challenges with puzzle-like solutions are risky, though maybe only slightly more than regular puzzles. The risk is that the solution will be too obscure, or the players aren't in the right mindset to intuit the answer, or you haven't laid down enough clues. Unhealthy debate or unexpected stonewalling is a surefire way to create frustration and anger, which can sour the session. This can be said of any tabletop puzzles, but social challenges structured this way are an even higher risk, I think.

Anyway, here's some more Fallout is Dragons, finally putting us back on track.
Session 34 — After the End: Libsyn YouTube

Applejack: Sanity check. Out-of-character: You do realize this idea is terrible?
Rarity: Well… It has its flaws… But Luna thinks ¬¬¬–
Applejack: That’s all I need. In-character: Princess, however bad scaring the children might be, it’s small potatoes next to canceling one of their national holidays.
Princess Luna: Hmph. I see why you’re Element of Honesty. Then what do we do?
Twilight Sparkle: It’s one heck of a problem. How do you get kids to stop acting scared on Halloween?
Pinkie Pie: OHHHHH. Oh, oh, oh, oh, duuuh. I can’t believe I missed it! We don’t need to NOT scare them; we need to scare them even MORE!
Rainbow Dash: Ah, I see. Makes sense. No, wait, I lied. What??
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