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safe (1431215)artist:reterica (100)oc (526152)oc:moonsonat (37)oc only (364655)anthro (200981)unguligrade anthro (37419)unicorn (204120)anthro oc (25265)clothes (356333)colored sketch (2197)couch (5978)cute (149002)female (761803)game controller (321)green eyes (2709)jeans (2415)mare (336308)pants (9810)pillow (12804)shirt (17230)short hair (1382)simple background (291370)sitting (46211)smiley face (563)solo (877350)video game controller (234)


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Big pones
Why is it that I can tell that the artist is russian just from looking at their art? Obviously there’s some technique that’s tipping me off, but I have no clue what it could be. Something with the face, the ears and eyes.
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