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Page 540 — Spitball Detective

The Rule of Cool can also apply to player paranoia. "Oh man, I have no idea if that's actually the twist, but that'd be evil and/or awesome if it were true." About 50% of the time, this leads to the DM revealing that the players *cough* correctly *cough* guessed *cough* the answer.

My flu seemed to hit its nasty peak last night, so I think I'm on my way down — knocking on all kinds of wood here. I hope to be fully functional by the end of the week.

DM: Anyway, in the wake of Pipsqueak and the screaming foals, the townsfolk that had previously been warming up to the Princess become somewhat colder with doubt.
Applejack: Woohoo, wordplay.
Fluttershy: It’s… still about the kids, after all. The adults might be seeing reason, but if “the Princess is scaring the children”…
Princess Luna: <sigh> Precisely.
Rainbow Dash: Y’know, I’m just gonna throw this out there, see if it sticks… Maybe the kid’s in on it. No, really! We all assume he’s the harmless new kid with the accent, but then WHAM! He’s actually the bad guy the whole time. Think about it. Every time this has happened, who’s always been present? Littlepip.
DM: Pipsqueak.
Rainbow Dash: Whatever. Point is, I think we oughta really look into this guy.
Princess Luna: I… What?
Applejack: Dash. The townsfolk clearly heard a stallion’s voice. Not a colt’s. And no accent.
Rainbow Dash: What, there aren’t voice-throwing spells in this setting?
Twilight Sparkle: Pipsqueak is an earth pony.
Rainbow Dash: They still have some weird magic, right? I remember that from… somewhere.
Pinkie Pie: I’ve been watching Pip all night! And earlier, I saw a shadowy figure sneaking around!
Rainbow Dash: Maybe it was an illusion to throw us off the scent.
DM: For Pete’s sake! YOU! TOOK! A! BRIBE! From… NOT Pipsqueak!
Rainbow Dash: …Maybe the kid has a partner?
Twilight Sparkle: Sometimes a scared child is just a scared child.
Rainbow Dash: Pfft. An interesting theory, but a little too complex. I’m gonna go with Occam’s razor.
Twilight Sparkle: …Okay, NOW you’re doing this on purpose.
Rainbow Dash: Who, me? Never.
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