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Page 537 — Stealing the Bait

Ah, January 2015. Otherwise known as "that month where you're still writing 2014 on all your documents."

Ooh, I seem to be waxing cynical. You guys handle the story time down below while I get some leftover comfort food.

DM: As you head for Applejack’s apple bobbing stall, you notice Pipsqueak about to topple into the tub.
Twilight Sparkle: What exactly did he think was going to happen?
Princess Luna: Fantastic! An opportunity for public heroics! Athletics to save him! <roll> 23!
DM: You pull him out by his pirate tunic just as Pinkie and the rest of the gang of foals show up.
Applejack: Oh boy, here we go… Another visit from our one-pony slander squad.
Rainbow Dash: Hey everypony, look! It’s Luna!
Pinkie Pie: BACOCK??
DM: Yep. This time it’s Rainbow Dash.
Rainbow Dash: A powerful Warlord from 1000 years ago, and she still finds time to save little kids! Is that awesome or what?!
DM: …Hold on.
Twilight Sparkle: Okay, I’m officially lost.
Rainbow Dash: It’s real simple. Some dupe with a hood made the mistake of paying me half upfront.
DM: Oh, you clever… Well played.
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