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Page 534 — U and Me, Nytime at All

Happy Holidays, everyone! I'm spending this holiday season relatively alone and with very little ceremony, but at least I have all you internet friends to share the occasion with, regardless of where you are and what you're celebrating.

In the spirit of the season, I'm rushing out the newest session of Fallout is Dragons (and the minisession we recorded just last night) two days early!
Session 32: Libsyn YouTube
Session 32.5: Libsyn YouTube

And for those of you that follow my livestreaming on hitbox, I plan on doing a special Christmas gaming stream sometime later today, after my vaguely defined midday plans. (Surprise, it'll be Cave Story+ one more time with the Christmas palette!)
EDIT: Today's events went on longer than expected, so the holiday stream is postponed for tomorrow.

Princess Luna: One of the words you used… “Fun.” What does it mean?
Applejack: …Seriously?
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, that’s right! Assuming this world’s evolutionary linguistics mirrors our own, “fun” has only been around less than Luna’s been banished!
Applejack: Whatever. Basically, “fun” means-
DM: Nuh-uh! Stop that.
Pinkie Pie: Heehee!
Applejack: <sigh> Maybe it’s better to learn by doin’. What do we got for amusements around here?
DM: Well, there’s bobbing for apples, the spider toss, and the pumpkin chuck.
Applejack: Right. Carnival games. This may be harder than- Wait, did you say “pumpkin chuck”??
DM: I might’ve.
safe1638734 artist:newbiespud1372 edit125658 edited screencap60796 screencap213686 applejack164514 pinkie pie209858 princess luna96506 twilight sparkle291665 alicorn210959 earth pony223920 pony904436 unicorn295207 comic:friendship is dragons1532 luna eclipsed1477 animal costume1911 catapult84 chicken pie301 chicken suit436 cloak4029 clothes435372 comic104680 costume26387 dialogue62009 ethereal mane7215 f.u.n.10 fake beard292 freckles26824 full moon3237 grin35549 hat81720 hoof shoes4734 moon22518 music notes3080 pumpkin4143 raised hoof42033 scarecrow238 screencap comic4386 singing6064 smiling230102 spongebob squarepants2809 star swirl the bearded costume325 starry mane3704 unicorn twilight15300 wizard hat880


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