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safe1614839 artist:lilith1light45 cozy glow6707 princess flurry heart6635 alicorn205889 pegasus256997 pony882455 the ending of the end2912 alternate hairstyle25664 bracelet8383 bush2440 dialogue60948 evil grin4096 female1285453 flower23428 frown21827 grass8709 grin34605 jewelry55217 mare439126 older24327 older cozy glow255 older flurry heart1187 outdoors8507 picnic1262 picnic blanket845 raised hoof40701 sitting57458 smiling224379 tree29161 unamused14613 wristband3295


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mod, tags needed please:
alicorn, alternate hairstyle, bracelet, bush, dialogue, evil grin, female, flower, frown, grass, grin, jewelry, mare, outdoors, pegasus, picnic blanket, pony, raised hoof,sitting, smiling, tree, unamused, wristband
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Background Pony #C1A6
This could be an interesting friendship.

Cozy Glow: Hey kids, wanna be friends?

Flurry Heart: Don't make me get the spray bottle!
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Background Pony #71FA
Deletion reason: Rule #6 - Please use the forums for this, not image comments.
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I once had this idea of flurry becoming a batman type character taking up the mate do well mantle, with cozy being her arch enemy
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Background Pony #63D1
I also think it will be a good idea of G5. Around by Reformed Cozy, Older Flurry Heart and some other next gen main characters. :)
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