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safe1709710 artist:mysticalpha1804 twilight sparkle300743 twilight velvet4320 pony970755 unicorn324788 book33547 bookhorse564 butt59285 cute200304 dock50044 duo61622 female1366057 filly66980 filly twilight sparkle2745 looking back57598 mare482192 mother and daughter5929 plot79192 raised hoof45827 simple background394557 smiling249429 twiabetes11797 underhoof52213 velvetbetes111 white background98226 younger17407


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Background Pony #8927
Twilight V: Twilly? what are you doin?!
Twilight S: I am a book turtle!
Twilight V: Ha ha ha ha ha ha, is nice Twilight but is to take your bath!
Twilight S: But i want to play!
Twilight V: You will continue to play after!
Twilight S: Ok!