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And so we meet our titular character.
Everybody please get along. ^^

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safe (1429253)artist:crydius (133)apple bloom (43618)scootaloo (46518)sweetie belle (43819)oc (525186)oc:eldritch (15)oc:gamma (35)android (484)comic:ardent (3)equestria girls (159694)my little pony: the movie (16509)biography (34)blushing (153802)bow (19397)boy (365)clothes (355714)comic (89571)falling (2248)female (760047)glowing text (13)hair bow (10398)heart eyes (11644)imminent death (1676)imminent injury (2)jacket (8768)leather jacket (2515)leather pants (44)leather shoes (16)looking at you (120480)magical hetero spawn (12)magical lesbian spawn (8435)male (258004)no pupils (2603)offspring (28754)pants (9780)parent:oc:crydius (14)parents:canon x oc (1523)parent:sci-twi (192)parents:crydiusshadow (14)parents:scitwishimmer (167)parent:sunset shimmer (1169)parent:tempest shadow (1639)scientific lesbian spawn (33)shipping (164481)smiling (183187)wingding eyes (15974)


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