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And so we meet our titular character.
Everybody please get along.

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safe1600440 artist:crydius151 apple bloom47123 scootaloo49318 sweetie belle46944 oc616680 oc:ardent (crydius)4 oc:eldritch26 oc:gamma45 android574 comic:ardent5 equestria girls185284 my little pony: the movie18155 biography36 blushing179886 bow25297 clothes419668 comic102357 falling2534 female1273051 glowing text13 hair bow13908 heart eyes14452 imminent death2302 imminent injury3 jacket11154 leather jacket2976 leather pants50 leather shoes18 looking at you149764 magical hetero spawn12 magical lesbian spawn10552 male338525 no pupils3584 offspring34682 pants12748 parent:oc:crydius26 parent:sci-twi178 parent:sunset shimmer1303 parent:tempest shadow2109 parents:canon x oc1588 parents:crydiusshadow21 parents:scitwishimmer139 scientific lesbian spawn37 shipping186253 smiling221122 wingding eyes19712


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