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I had a long day at work, and this came to me.
safe1589132 edit119592 edited screencap57241 screencap204030 applejack160151 fluttershy199583 pinkie pie204760 rainbow dash220922 rarity170998 spike75325 twilight sparkle284812 alicorn198128 testing testing 1-2-31326 the last problem4275 leak1536 gigachad spike771 golden oaks library4520 i am not that tall29 mane seven5926 mane six29670 older23508 older applejack544 older fluttershy522 older mane seven168 older mane six267 older pinkie pie503 older rainbow dash598 older rarity520 older spike4764 older twilight1155 princess twilight 2.01695 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116238


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soo…rd can fly so fast, that she saw in the future and wanted to tell twilight how tall she will become? how nice of her xD