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Season two was a fantastic follow up to season 1, it introduced a lot more antagonist characters then season 1, all with their own personality that made you love em or hate them. With adding more antagonistic characters like iron will, flim and flam even spike, and especially Discord and Chrysalis, it introduced different challenges for the mane 6 to face and overcome. I mean, who doesn’t love and good villain? It started out with Discord, who was hilarious and devious, that two-parter was great and emotional. Yes since its a kids cartoon obviously the mane 6 would get back together, but honestly seeing them split and Twilight’s heart broken had me choking up a bit as well. Then ending with chrysalis, introducing a new dangerous species and a sadistic queen who can look like anyone, great and fun. Season one of mlp had the 6 mainly deal with their own issues and it had to introduce us to theses six random ponies and why we should care about them, so when season 2 came around, introductions were done so it let us see the great villains we know.
Besides the villains and stakes that arouse, another thing was improved, the music. Half the music in season 1 was great and the other half was okay, but for the most part it was just pinkie being goofy. Season 2 they outdid themselves: Smile, this day aria, BBBFF, Flim flalm brothers, Find a pet, Love is in bloom, Becoming popular and even the perfect stallion, All great, all catchy, if any of theses com on when i’m listening to my music playlist i NEVER skip. If MLP is to be know for anything is how great the music is, most the songs are catchy, fun, sad, everything and i say it all started with this season.
Character-wise we do see sliiiiiiight development. It’s not a serialized show, you could watch pretty much any episode in any order except premiere and finale. So because of that, characters in MLP don’t usually have major arcs or changes (until later seasons) but despite that there was still slight changes that made me like some of my least favorite ponies more. Rarity stuck up for her friends at the canterlot party, going with spike to the dragonlands and even got covered in mud for the sisterhoove social, showing she is capable and willing to get out of her comfort zone for her friends. Rainbow dash got humbled by mare-do-well, pinkie pie learned responsibility after watching the babycakes, fluttershy got confidence after dealing with iron will and making the tornado, we saw applejack willing to work harder to help others when she when to the cherry farm. I think my favorite slow change for a character was twilight, in this season we saw her develop her ‘twilightisms’ that we later see a LOT more. With the episode where there wasn’t a friendship problem so she made one and the episode where she messed with time travel, it shows how in her own head she got and why its was a bad thing for her, but it also paved the way to be one of the funnier gags of the show where twilight just loses it.
A minor thing to add is that the quality of animation for the show has definitely improved, not majorly but you can tell the animators got comfortable and now experimented with giving the ponies their practically rubber bodies, in season one they were more stiff, usually in a lot of default poses and angles. In season two we can see them experimenting more, especially with pinkie.
Overall season 2 was a great follow up and paved the way for great villains, fantastic songs and growing characters with conflicts.
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safe2041449 artist:arteses-canvas47 apple bloom57379 applejack191468 cranky doodle donkey1175 derpy hooves55087 diamond tiara11370 discord35705 fancypants2264 flam2381 fleur-de-lis4328 flim2478 fluttershy244719 garble2103 iron will1432 pinkie pie243820 pound cake2869 princess luna111819 pumpkin cake2600 queen chrysalis40100 rainbow dash265406 rarity207516 silver spoon7224 spike88838 sweetie belle54405 tank3021 twilight sparkle340561 alicorn287162 donkey2520 draconequus18021 dragon75983 earth pony388873 minotaur1235 pegasus434833 pony1394416 unicorn476138 a canterlot wedding3448 a friend in deed931 baby cakes796 dragon quest1051 family appreciation day631 hearth's warming eve (episode)767 hearts and hooves day (episode)853 hurricane fluttershy1148 it's about time911 lesson zero1755 luna eclipsed1795 may the best pet win931 mmmystery on the friendship express761 ponyville confidential1126 putting your hoof down908 read it and weep786 season 23949 secret of my excess903 sisterhooves social811 sweet and elite1017 the cutie pox740 the last roundup1284 the mysterious mare do well787 the return of harmony2105 the super speedy cider squeezy 6000942 baby14264 baby pony8499 bandana6621 book40505 bow40240 colt18616 corrupted3262 cowboy hat22826 disguise6605 disguised changeling3518 eyepatch3703 fake cadance905 female1662019 filly88199 flying49586 foal33474 future twilight1165 glowing eyes14191 goggles17177 hair bow22791 hat113393 hearth's warming eve1565 long tongue2973 magic89628 male482823 mane seven7521 mane six35929 mare652683 necktie9978 nose piercing3716 nose ring2785 piercing56724 ponyville7150 poster6517 reading7571 septum piercing1129 sharp teeth5543 spikezilla529 teeth17125 telekinesis35805 tongue out134408 unicorn twilight28378 wall of tags5863


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I think that Season 2 would have benefitted to have an overarching plotline that would have helped us get properly introduced to the Changelings over the course of the season and had small hints to it back in Season 1. Just imagine how heart-stoppingly terrifying The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well would be if instead of Rainbow Dash finding out that it was actually her friends, that Mare-Do-Well was actually a rogue Changeling Drone who was trying to prevent the upcoming invasion by issuing a warning to Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie to be vigilant. We don’t get to see the Changelings’ true face underneath the mask, just his echoing voice along with him speaking his lines in the voices of other characters to creep the pair of them out. The episode ends on a dramatic note as both Rainbow and Pinkie notice a flash of green fire at the doorway as the pair of them wander out of the building onto the streets trying to follow Mare-Do-Well, only to see that it was crowded by numerous ponies doing their business.
We could even have a chance to introduce us to Shining Armor and Cadence in both Best Night Ever and Sweet and Elite with Rarity serving as our in-road to the characters personalities, instead of seeing Cadence as an Alicorn totally, the audience only sees her horn and would be led-on to believe that she is just a Unicorn. Sweet and Elite would have been the perfect opportunity to help rebuild Prince Bluebloods’ character into a likable individual, that the personality we saw in the Grand Galloping Gala was merely a way for him to avoid being taken away by mares of the Unicorn Nobility trying to marry away for the sake of power instead of for the sake of love. Vladímir Blueblood is actually a nice guy who mistakenly thought that Rarity was just another Gold-Digger trying to take advantage of him simply because he is not only a Prince, but because his family the Platinums’ were the ones who Founded and governed Canterlot. When Celestia moved the Seat of Power to Canterlot 1000 years ago, the Nobility who believed in the concept of Unicornia: where the Unicorns dominated the world and treated the Earth Ponies and Pegasi as slaves, took full-advantage of Celestias weakened emotional state to help pass laws in their favor to take away all political power from Celestia and make her into the Unicorns’ puppet ruler, it was thanks to Vladímirs’ Great-great-great-Grandfather that the coup was exposed in time before the damage became too irreversible 600 years ago, but even todwy, tbere qre still trwce elements of the corruption within the Canterlot Elite, chief among them being the treatment of Non-Ponies (done in a bid to cut off Celestia from her friends in Abyssinia, Griffonstone, and Mount Aris), and corruption within the Equestrian Education Association (this was done to try and erase all traces of Earth Pony Magic from history in order to prevent the Earth Ponies from successfully fighting back against the Unicorns on an even playing field should they revolt).
As for Rarity, she isn’t going to Canterlot just because, she and Sweetie are heading there to try and get several items belonging to their mother that were left in Canterlot back before Rarity was born. While there, we are given a glimpse into the corrupt and ruthless world of the Canterlot Nobility which Cookie Crumbles was once a part of due to being the heiress to one of the Noble Unicorn Houses until she decided to fall in love with an Earth Pony commoner named Hondo Flanks: Rarity and Sweeties’ father. The backlash caused by this (in the eyes of the Canterlot Elite) unholy union, saw Cookie Crumbles being banished from Canterlot and cursed to never set foot on the mountain again. Having the fact of Hondo Flanks being an Earth Pony instead of a Unicorn would lend well to why Rarity is more martially-inclined when it comes to fighting instead of relying upon Magic like Twilight does always, and it would go to great lengths why she wants to prove herself to Canterlot despite being (in their eyes) a Half-Earth Pony Bastard. We even get introduced to several characters that would help Rarity and Sweetie on their journey to retrieve their family possessions from the greedy clutches of their family’s patriarch Fancy Pants (who in this story was the one who cast the banishment curse on Cookie Crumbles). We even get introduced to the Flutterponies (a subspecies of Butterfly-Winged Changelings as we would find out by the finale who are led by Chrysalis and her daughter Ocellus whom Sweetie would become close friends with. They are the ones who helped invent the wing spell that Rarity used in Sonic Rainboom), along with the return of Photo Finish, and a proper introduction to Twilights’ parents Twilight Velvet and Night Light (who both actually knew Cookie Crumbles before she was banished, making them old family friends).
Like I mentioned before, we would get hints to Shining Armor and Twilight being siblings, with Seasons 1 and 2 slowly building up “Twilights’ Brother” and “Shining Armor” on-screen as two separate characters, and that by the time of the Season finale when we finally get to see Shining and Twilight sharing the screen together we would definitively believe that they are indeed siblings.
Shame that the writing team never considered these as possibilities for the show.
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Soundtrack end Episode FIM season 2  
BGM 518 Ultimate decision: The Return of harmony part 1,Lesson Zero,luna eclipsed,Sweet and elite, putting your hoof down & dragon quest.  
BGM 802:The return harmony part 2(Twice theme),sisterhooves social,the cutie pox, the secret of my excess, the last roundup,it’s about time,Hurricane fluttershy & ponyville confidential.  
BGM 922: the mysterious mare do well, the super speedy cider squeeze 6000,may the best pet win & a canterlot weeding part 1.  
BGM 1215:MMYSTERY ON THE Friendship Express.  
BGM 723:heart & hooves day,hearth’s warming eve, family appreciation day  
BGM 740: a friend in deed, read it & Weep,A canterlot weeding part 2.