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Doodled Berry on stream today! Education requires extraordinarily gothic-gay fashion~

hi res is up for my $5 patreons:
safe1614660 artist:whisperfoot623 oc626451 oc only417938 oc:berry frost196 bat1854 anthro239974 armband813 belt4929 biology41 black hair419 blushing182416 book31492 bottomless12731 braces1236 bridge piercing35 butt freckles1692 cheek fluff4768 choker10276 clothes425596 dyed hair79 dyed mane284 dyed tail80 ear fluff25299 ear freckles336 ear piercing23126 earring18934 eyebrow piercing781 eyeliner943 eyes closed84012 eyeshadow14038 featureless crotch6450 femboy8333 fingernails390 freckles26169 garter belt3366 gauges280 goth1929 gothic422 grin34592 hand8114 hoodie12785 jewelry55195 lip piercing1051 lipstick10097 makeup19115 male343507 nail polish7161 nails328 necklace16387 nwn1 owo225 partial nudity18398 piercing36930 pink hair960 simple background360793 skull2815 smiling224353 socks59588 solo1002736 striped background57 striped socks20011 studded belt9 textbook37 thigh highs30472 uwu107 younger15957


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