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Doodled Berry on stream today! Education requires extraordinarily gothic-gay fashion~

hi res is up for my $5 patreons:
safe (1446502)artist:whisperfoot (538)oc (533496)oc:berry frost (137)oc only (367900)anthro (203788)bat (1517)armband (692)belt (3700)biology (35)black hair (310)blushing (156453)book (27481)bottomless (10561)braces (1157)bridge piercing (35)butt freckles (1362)cheek fluff (3245)choker (7445)clothes (362096)dyed hair (62)dyed mane (208)dyed tail (47)ear fluff (18397)ear freckles (248)ear piercing (17237)earring (14609)eyebrow piercing (572)eyeliner (734)eyes closed (69206)eyeshadow (10746)featureless crotch (5407)femboy (6720)fingernails (334)freckles (21037)garter belt (2910)gauges (257)goth (1494)gothic (358)grin (28520)hand (6916)hoodie (10485)jewelry (40281)lip piercing (760)lipstick (8255)makeup (14455)male (263331)nail polish (6042)nails (259)necklace (12562)nwn (1)owo (163)partial nudity (13342)piercing (28917)pink hair (707)simple background (295606)skull (2345)smiling (186505)socks (49904)solo (887280)striped background (42)striped socks (16889)studded belt (7)textbook (27)thigh highs (24028)thigh high socks (17)uwu (46)younger (14039)


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