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Page 466 — Quicksand Immersion

Some people want to be the star of their own action movie, some want to be the protagonist of their own political intrigue fantasy novel. Different strokes.

Got not one but two episodes of Fallout is Dragons today, which means the buffer has run out and you've all finally caught up with us players! Tomorrow's game will be a new experience for everyone! We've recently taken to streaming it live on my hitbox.tv channel (game starts Sunday 7PM PDT).
Session 17: Dropbox [dead link] YouTube
Session 17.5: Dropbox [dead link] YouTube

Also, there's some supplementary news regarding both Patreon and the immediate future of the podcast, which you can read in blog post format over here.

DM: You’re going?
Rarity: I go.
DM: Alright. You leave the ballroom and head out into the castle garden. What do you do?
Rarity: Surely you can give me a little more detail than that? Help me get in the zone, darling.
DM: The setting sun has finally given way to evening as you step onto the immaculately kept lawn. A small ensemble of string musicians fills the garden with calm, unobtrusive melodies. The mood carried by each attending noble is one of mutual respect balanced against a hunger for opportunity, with more than a hint of self-aggrandizement.
Rarity: Hhaaaahhh…
Twilight Sparkle: Is she… swooning??
Applejack: Nah, that’s just her way of rela- Ohhh, there we go. Now she’s swooning.
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