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SFW Limestone Daki uploaded as per request!

If you’d like one, feel free to DM me, she’s $65 + shipping!
suggestive (113262)alternate version (24026)artist:frist44 (1180)limestone pie (4335)abs (7538)bed (31046)belly button (59761)blushing (154060)body pillow (2927)body pillow design (1767)butt (9652)crossed hooves (1457)dock (38056)featureless crotch (5343)frog (hoof) (7528)geode (77)grumpy (2072)pillow (12799)plot (65002)rock (3404)spreading (13625)spread legs (14253)underhoof (41316)

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Had to look up if horses can have six pack abs after seeing this picture. The answer is no. Their muscle structure do not have abdominals like that, they stretch more across the sides instead of being "bunched" around the bellybutton. Probably because they quadrupeds and not bipeds.
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I actually saw someone wearing this as a cape during Bronycon. Not at the convention center, mind you. Guy was walking down the Waterfront. I will never have the balls that man displayed on that day.
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