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Based on a shot from one of the endings from the video game Chrono Trigger. Going for as adorabetes-inducing of a picture as I can.

Rendered with 7 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
22 lights used in this scene

Models used:
Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle (NexGen models, NSFW warning)
Sunset Shimmer hair
Twilight Sparkle long hair (from Derpy EQG model)
Clothes (except for boots)
– Boots: private model currently
– Balloons from TF2
safe (1431449)artist:imafutureguitarhero (260)sci-twi (18851)sunset shimmer (50770)twilight sparkle (260996)anthro (201037)unguligrade anthro (37427)unicorn (204213)3d (51520)absurd resolution (61400)alternate hairstyle (21323)arm fluff (38)arm freckles (20)balloon (8849)blushing (154151)boots (16060)border (122)cheek fluff (3163)chromatic aberration (1243)clothes (356416)cloud (28533)cloudy (5829)colored eyebrows (109)cute (149065)duo (39256)ear fluff (17899)female (762043)film grain (171)floating (2969)floppy ears (41397)fluffy (11532)freckles (20573)fur (267)glasses (47098)gloves (14334)holding (1896)horn (26362)jeans (2416)leather boots (140)lesbian (82033)long hair (2805)long mane (2488)mare (336464)multicolored hair (3331)multicolored mane (548)multicolored tail (721)nail polish (5968)night (19488)nose wrinkle (2636)pants (9815)scitwishimmer (1927)shipping (164788)shoes (24151)signature (14910)sky (9478)socks (49226)source filmmaker (30728)stars (11452)striped socks (16651)sunsetsparkle (3980)tanktop (5883)twiabetes (8122)vertical (107)wall of tags (1796)


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