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Rough drawing of an unnamed Original Villain based on a character archetype of my own making known as the "Cursed Mariner". Where a Human Sea Captain from an earlier time period (pirate,merchant,naval,etc) comes across some equestrian magic or artifact and then like all the other antagonists of EG, Misuses said magic for their personal gain, resulting in them being twisted in both mind and body. The Effects of the artifact/magic would also extend onto the Crew and the Ship as well. Transforming them like their captain. "Cursed" in some sense. May or may not involve ghost ships.

This particular villain is that of a Female Pirate captain, who, after coming across a powerful equestrian artifact, attempted to use it for her own gain (much like the other EqG antagonists). This resulted in the magic becoming corrupted and her, her ship and her crew being "cursed" as the magic consumed her. Sightings of her ghost ship tend to be aggressive and hostile in nature. Her decaying ship opening fire on ships or coastal towns and sometimes sinking said ships in the process. She has become somewhat of a danger to the local coast guard, who have already lost several patrol ships to her.

Also wondering anyone has attempted to draw what a EqG Human’s skeleton looks like. until now, i’ve only seen pony skeletons
safe (1428178)artist:newman134 (44)oc (524730)human (130706)undead (806)equestria girls (159521)amputee (3429)artifact (985)before and after (159)bone (1923)cursed (201)magic (57458)pirate (2119)prosthetic arm (87)prosthetic limb (2033)prosthetics (2369)skeleton (1382)story included (6420)villainess (84)

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