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A request from an anon on /mlp/

I don't really use any of the newer social media apps, so I have no idea if the UI is accurate to any of them
suggestive129353 artist:trash anon218 princess luna94112 alicorn198901 adorkable3208 awkward smile210 blushing177276 cellphone2919 crown14496 cute180523 dork3460 embarrassed10259 female1163114 haha just kidding unless3 implied anon596 implied nudity398 jewelry52825 looking away3281 meme78945 nervous grin897 phone5278 regalia16876 selfie2834 smartphone1582 smiling217412 social media53 solo980193 text51833


not provided yet


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@Trash anon
As a Luna-loving bi guy, I don't really care what she has down there, I'd gladly take her up on whatever she's offering.
Trash anon
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Well, the original meme does say "I've sent you a picture of my cock and balls". And I do mostly draw Futa, so it would be safe to assume she's packing some thick mare meat down there.

However, you are free to interpret what she has down below anyway you desire.
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