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A new tribute for the comic "The Amazonian Effect"

It is a bad idea to make her angry.
suggestive129558 artist:atariboy2600219 artist:bluecarnationstudios175 edit119459 screencap206053 indigo zap2320 lemon zest3042 principal abacus cinch897 sci-twi21798 sour sweet3085 spike74411 spike the regular dog2345 sugarcoat3104 sunny flare2588 twilight sparkle283628 dog8528 comic:the amazonian effect186 comic:the amazonian effect iii92 equestria girls182759 friendship games11975 angry24363 breasts245324 busty sci-twi521 busty twilight sparkle10779 clothes414206 crystal prep academy uniform3222 hyper8613 hyper muscle97 muscles10287 overdeveloped muscles828 school uniform6714 shadowbolts1481 twilight muscle405 underwear55631


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As those finally knew the reason for abacus cinch and the shadow-bolts to be picking their jaws off the ground as twilight's muscle expansion had ripped through her clothes and possibility her underwear as well.
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