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A new tribute for the comic "The Amazonian Effect"

It is a bad idea to make her angry.
suggestive (112791)artist:atariboy2600 (163)artist:bluecarnationstudios (125)edit (97640)screencap (173738)indigo zap (2141)lemon zest (2852)principal abacus cinch (823)sci-twi (18722)sour sweet (2792)spike (68158)spike the regular dog (2237)sugarcoat (2739)sunny flare (2340)twilight sparkle (259601)dog (7395)comic:the amazonian effect (83)comic:the amazonian effect iii (46)equestria girls (159171)friendship games (11485)angry (19921)breasts (202723)busty sci-twi (287)busty twilight sparkle (9124)clothes (354530)crystal prep academy uniform (2828)hyper (6488)hyper muscle (47)muscles (8080)overdeveloped muscles (691)school uniform (5978)shadowbolts (1311)twilight muscle (337)underwear (49523)

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As those finally knew the reason for abacus cinch and the shadow-bolts to be picking their jaws off the ground as twilight’s muscle expansion had ripped through her clothes and possibility her underwear as well.
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