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me: hey you should write more, you have good ideas
my brain: hhhhhhHHHHHGGGGGG anthros
safe (1446760)artist:suchosophie (19)adagio dazzle (11143)sunset shimmer (51414)alligator (473)anthro (203836)horse (2535)equestria girls (162303)blushing (156505)clothes (362187)dazzlegator (4)female (776262)floating heart (1024)freckles (21046)geode of empathy (2133)heart (38460)horse noises (515)interspecies (18864)lesbian (83268)love (3840)magical geodes (5690)onomatopoeia (2322)shipping (166869)species swap (16046)sunsagio (564)text (41612)thought bubble (2541)


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