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Page 307 – Sensibility Ensues

Everfree Northwest! One day down, two to go!

A couple of people recognized me (by which I mean recognized the comic when I mentioned it), which was neat. I also got to play a quick session of Roleplaying is Magic, yet another freaking pony homebrew RPG system, and with one of the creators (Tall Tail) himself as the storyteller. It was interesting, especially to compare it to Pony Tales (which still has my endorsement at the end of the day). Overall, my tactic of spending just about all my off time in the gaming rooms is paying off – in fact, I find I prefer the board/card game room over the video game room, even though I stay the heck away from all the Magic: the Gathering players.

DM: The three main Diamond Dogs come back, looking very smug. They let you out of your cell, but a platoon of armed Diamond Dog guards keep their spears trained on you.
Rarity: Please, sirs, be sensible. All this for one little pony?
DM: Roll Stealth to hide your equipment.
Rarity: <roll> Oh, drat. Natural 1.
DM: They take your lockpicks and knives away easily.
Rover: To answer your question, po-ny: Yes.
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