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safe1705084 artist:yakovlev-vad494 princess celestia94962 alicorn224216 bird8247 pony966339 alcohol7190 alternate cutie mark1571 background pony10249 balcony1408 canterlot5680 cute199575 cutelestia3581 female1361827 horses doing horse things1257 hot air balloon966 inkwell448 mare479906 mountain5104 mountain range593 quill pen200 scenery8019 scenery porn844 smiling248030 solo focus16911 tent931 tents36 town419 wallpaper18612 window8503 wine2569 young celestia345


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Princess Celestia seems to be focus on the balloon while, in the sandbox, two ponies seem to be challenging each other and a third is either taking a dirt bath or trying to relieve some gas.
Background Pony #7004
I think it's from her youth when Celestia had the castle in Everfree, the terrain means it's not Canterlot. It may be from the beginning of her monarchy. Good work!
Background Pony #B903
why is she leaning against the balcony? isn't celestia a horse? who stands on four legs? and is very tall?