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suggestive (120334) artist:megasweet (3163) princess celestia (86822) princess luna (90927) human (137509) bent over (2405) breasts (220782) clothes (382746) commando (456) crotch bulge (3754) dialogue (55042) dress (37125) erection (9790) eyes on the prize (4547) futa (39373) futa princess celestia (2230) humanized (90969) imminent sex (4646) incest (11681) intersex (36841) monochrome (140178) penis (129367) presenting (20367) princest (1921) sandals (3540) skirt (33609) skirt boner (549) tenting (75)


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18 comments posted
Background Pony #059B
finally Luna by MS..
it's futa related >.>

and ofc CELESTIA have to be here because she is on almost every his picture. Do people that give him requests do have something else in mind beside FUTA and CELESTIA?
Background Pony #EFBF
Celestia finally geeting the offer from her younger sister she'd been waiting for and has not been touching, rubbing, or pounding her royal meat for several weeks. Unfortunetly being so pent up, she blew her load far too early and need to change her dress. She now always wears panties to act as a cum catcher.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I have a sense that the Megasweetverse would be highly treacherous. You have no idea if a dick will appear on a woman until its too late.