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safe (1427267)artist:danmakuman (1007)flash sentry (10942)sci-twi (18759)sunset shimmer (50580)twilight sparkle (260059)human (130606)equestria girls (159418)absurd resolution (9)arm cannon (85)armor (18749)artificial wings (983)augmented (1656)aura (614)black eye (662)burning (471)clothes (355084)commission (40527)crying (35690)crystal guardian (260)crystal wings (180)dark samus (18)daydream shimmer (755)death battle (491)destruction (1160)disbelief (43)energy weapon (208)fear (780)female (758515)fight (5164)fighting stance (261)fire (8663)flashlight (2370)forest fire (20)imminent fight (41)intimidating (124)magic (57399)magic wings (485)male (257364)metroid (357)night (19389)on the floor (103)phazon (14)ponied up (4304)possessed (1271)sad (20561)sadness (120)scared (7873)shocked expression (257)standoff (30)teary eyes (2340)tree (22551)visor (476)weapon (22783)wings (52789)


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