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This was tons of fun! I’ve long wanted to draw an adult Spike and this was the perfect excuse to do just that. A lot of this was experimental so I’m excited how the result turned out, although I got a little stuck with the smaller group of Equestrian citizens there. The story takes place in a distant future where Spike has matured naturally, long after Twilight and her friends have lived out their lives… following up the success of the Young 6, the races of Equestria have learned to come together as friends. Like the Young 6, here is a group of six friends from different races who have happened across a number of memorials of Twilight & CO, along with Spike’s cave. They’re initially terrified to find an adult dragon, but Spike quickly calms their fears and is all too delighted to explain the presence of the statues and who his friends were so long ago. We decided to add in a little fun by giving Rainbow’s statue a little extra oomph because you know it’s what Rainbow must have requested… thus, her last joke continues to find life in her statue. I like to imagine in her will was written "a commemorative memorial of my awesomeness" and of course, you can’t just ignore someone’s final request right? Cue Spike in this awkward situation, trying to explain why Rainbow’s statue looks a bit uh, ahem, different.
safe (1429032)artist:tijopi (9)applejack (147812)fluttershy (184130)pinkie pie (189033)rainbow dash (203914)rarity (157621)spike (68528)twilight sparkle (260443)oc (525069)alicorn (163489)changedling (5857)changeling (32438)classical hippogriff (3782)dragon (37698)griffon (21360)hippogriff (6671)pony (697801)yak (3123)adult (1993)adult spike (815)cave (2529)future (371)immortality blues (513)mane seven (4799)mane six (26460)memorial (77)older (18486)older spike (3702)one of these things is not like the others (160)spikezilla (454)statue (1821)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102060)


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