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Commisioned by an Anonymous client n n.

Anybody in here has been either in the side listening to that or being the one providing the sound?
suggestive130759 artist:succubi samus580 indigo zap2341 lemon zest3054 sour sweet3129 sugarcoat3125 sunny flare2603 equestria girls185113 annoyed5099 bathroom1922 but why497 clothes419260 comic102285 cross-popping veins1410 embarrassed10413 exclamation point3402 fart1957 fart noise627 female1272043 females only11501 fetish35955 glasses55812 music notes2978 onomatopoeia3467 panties46652 panties around legs2212 panties pulled down3542 pictogram1839 shadow five619 shadowbolts1492 show accurate11530 sound effects1723 speech bubble20774 surprised8323 toilet1519 underwear56235


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Poopy Butthole Expert
@Background Pony #731A

I dont do these on my own volition. These are comissions. If any of you want to see any particular set of girls or creatures, the order it. Just one thing, somebody wanted the student six….Sorry but i dont like Yona and i will NEVER draw anything related to Yaks.
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Background Pony #9AFE
Can you do something like this but with an Equestria Girls version of the Student 6?
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Very amazing. Lemon Zest is her usual self rocking out while going the bathroom. Indigo looks cute blushing after she releases a startling toilet fart. Sugarcoat is very much in character, annoyed by a smelly poot in the adjacent stall. And the tension of the last panel. Who will break first? Sunny Flare is blushing angrily, while Sour Sweet is just done with this scene.
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