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Granny Smith died, let that sink in.


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Eclipse Wing

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UUUUUUUUuUURURUrhhhhruhgrugrgurghurhgurhgWWwwhwhwhwhWHHWHWWHhhyyyyyyy did you have to point that ooooouuuut??? I didn't even clock it!! DX
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Artist -

There's no confirmation that she's dead. They never talked about it and we never saw a corpse. For all we know, it just means AJ is now the head of the farm and Granny Smith is retired spending the rest of her days peacefully somewhere.

But deep down inside, you know she's gone. You don't need confirmation. They don't need to talk about it. You don't need to see Granny Smith's corpse. Its the exact same reason why people think this is Starlight and Sunburst's kid. Little itty bitty clues that makes filling in the gaps easier.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

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@Peanut Medley
Still funny to think how the heck would he die in between two scenes. Seriously, it would be like there was a whole other episode in between the bowling event and the wedding and it just is a total parody of that movie. All within a span of a few minutes. Fanfic writers get on that already.
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Background Pony #7365
Honestly, this does not seem so sad to me, not because I was already an old woman anyway, but because we knew that she had already passed away in a time skip where we see the characters aged several years later and I understand that other elderly characters of the show must also to have passed away, it is like step in the end of Regular Show, during the epilogue next to the monument to Pops they put a monument of Mr. Mellard, revealing that he had died, at a point where years later the characters were already aged, married and with children, which was much less painful than seeing Pops sacrificing his life (Being killed by Black Hat).

What I mean is that the death of a character is different if he dies in the present tense without having to do with age, like when in How To train your dragon 2 Stoic was killed, when in RG Pops he sacrificed his life, or at end of, Star vs the forces of evil, Glossaryc, Hekapoo, rombulus and Omnitraxus were erased from existence.

And I don't think you can say that Tirek, Chrissalys and Cozy are dead being petrified, did they consider Discord dead when he returned petrified at the end of The return of Harmony? and taking into account that characters like Applejack's parents and King Sombra were already dead since before the events of the show, the only character who died in the present was King Storm.
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