Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 9 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
Pony with extreme care Tag images from the latest episodes with spoiler:s09e24, s09e25, or spoiler:s09e26.
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Travelling Pony Museum

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SB 1500p / 15$
AB 6000p / 60$
MI 100p / 1$

Owner : 

Sketchy headshot (of any character) for the winner!

>> RULES  
– ACCEPT points and Paypal
– Auction ends after 24 h from latest bid
– PLEASE, reply to the last bidder’s comment, don’t write new!
– Don’t delete/edit your comments!

– If you want re-upload my art with OC you adopted, you must credit me
– I don’t take refunds of adoptions you bought from me
– If you want, you can edit adoption/custom from me, but only if design won’t be totally different
– You can resell your character (if you bought adoption) only with my permission and for the same/lower price bigger only if you have additional arts

sb – starting bid – minimum price that you have to give to be able to bid
ab – autobuy – for this price you can buy adopt immediately, without bidding
n/a – not applicable
mi – minimal increase – minimal price that you have to give as reply to other price e.g. if mi=20pts, someone gave 300pts, then you have to give 320pts or more


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