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best pones wanna have some fun~
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Background Pony #3F44
Twilight and Rainbow want make thier Prival time with thier Colt friends very special!
Flash: I wonder what the girl is doin?
Soarin: Rainbow Say is will be make this double date more 20% cooler and 40% hot and 40% sexy!
Flash: How?
Twilight: Flash , Soarin You can come in!
Flash: Well is the moment of true!
Both be speechless by see them.
Twilight: What You think Boy’S?
Flash: Wow Twilight!
Soarin: Man , Rainbow, were you want be cute and sexy you dont doin half!
Rainbow: Thanks but is only for to night!
Twilight: Well I want use this but Rainbow dont want it!(she bunny suit playboy)
Rainbow: No Twilight, If i do is will be were i alone with My Colt friend, Got it?
Twilight: Ok Ok, Ready boys?
Flash&Soarin: Yes Ma,am’s!
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