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And just like that, they're gone.
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MLP, Megaman, Modularity
Their frozen positions say a lot about them.

> Cozy Glow, the childlike chessmaster, has an expression of youthful fear that goads us into feeling sorry for her.
> Lord Tirek, the arrogant absorber, has his eyes closed and hands vainly shielding his strength-deprived body.
> Queen Chrysalis, the dethroned drainer, has her fangs furiously bared to punish those celebrating her demise.

@Marc Timothy Moses
That's…that's not what socialism is. It's not a one person amalgamation of power it's redistribution of resources and political power to better the lives of the general populace.
Cozy Glow never said "Now that I'm princess it's time for national healthcare, free college and an end to the Royal Guard persecuting the Zebras!"
Background Pony #DBF2
Discord freed Tirek and Cozy while they were just minding their own buisness in Tartarus. Chrysalis was the only threat left because she was still hiding in the woods plotting her revenge.

So honestly, Tirek and Cozy deserved this fate the least.
Background Pony #DBF2
Tbh, it wasn't even hinted whether they were eventually released or not.
Background Pony #55D7
Yes they would and you know it.
Like every time Fluttershy digressed in order to learn the same lesson or when Rainbow dash's cockiness gets her in trouble.
Or when Pinkie's Pinkieness makes her friends uncomfortable.
Twilight's book fetish would happon in the show.
Background Pony #5990
I hope one of the writers confirms they're conscious in there just to see the butthurt it would generate on /mlp/
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@Smart Heart
Though the comics did make the other characters more stupid to give her wins. See Twilight's need to give her a book and unlocking the dungeon when it didn't fit through the door…