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@Background Pony #158D

At least in this case it makes sense, Lyra and Bon bon have had some semi-romantic interactions before where they bumped butts, drank from the same drink, had a dream of being fused together, etc. My major issue with a bunch of those changes is that they don’t add to the character in any meaningful way. If anything having Lando be pansexual detracts from other characteristics because it draws attention to his sexuality and not to his heroism, he is more than what he has a compulsion for sexually and they could have shown that but no!

In this case MLP is mostly about slice of life and so having a character that the fandom really loves, they also theorized about this pair being more than ’friends’ so it comes to culminate into this one decision to spend a large portion of their lives together as something more. I only wish that if the directors incorporate such ideology and sexuality into their stories that it comes close to this, they’re pursuit of love happiness and all that, not "this character is bi and that makes them better!", because that only makes them more one dimensional!
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Background Pony #8FD6
First came they for Star Wars, and Lo Lando Calrissian was pansexual.

Then came they for the MCU, and lo Captain Marvel was a man-bashing jerk.

Then came they for Rocko’s Modern Life, and lo Ed Bighead was a transsexual.

We had naught but Pony, and now come they to rob us of that!
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AC97's avatar

Nope. They’re UNAMBIGUOUSLY canon, whether you were being sarcastic or not.
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