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safe1587446 screencap206494 applejack159974 discord28960 fluttershy199848 pinkie pie204497 princess celestia89845 princess luna94256 rainbow dash221032 rarity171185 spike74490 twilight sparkle283959 alicorn199787 draconequus9141 dragon48983 earth pony206154 pegasus247683 pony857576 unicorn274275 the ending of the end2314 animated92929 bell3804 bewitching bell81 chaos pinkie57 chocolate2955 chocolate rain352 dubbing132 dutch153 food62266 giant pony4236 grogar's bell334 growth5040 macro9989 mane seven5936 mane six29790 nightmare fuel3525 nightmare pinkie73 nightmarified495 rain5619 sound7302 this will end in parties22 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116288 webm10861 winged spike7429 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2258


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Ok, I understand that in the case of Cozy Glow, when she got the power of Discord she was in control because she was already evil and that's why Discord's magic didn't corrupt her, but Cozy Glow was very logical and manipulative, due to that she could not control the magic of Discord.

And in the case of Pinkie Pie, because obviously she was very illogical and "Out of context", so she could control Discord's power very well, unfortunately that didn't protect her mind from corruption … The same thing happened to Pinkie Pie in comic # 57, just like Sci-Twi (Twilight Sparkle) and Gloriosa Daisy from Equestria Girls.
Background Pony #FCE4
Lol the ponkguy from MMP is here. Don't worry I hope he does too, abit to much Reeeeeee over the timed meme there and butthurt. But I do aprove of bigger and liking it pinkie. She could easily be stable with discords magic and be new Ponk master of Bigness, chaos, and fun/smiles/laughter.

God,I wanna hug from her, and snuggles for days.
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Nintendo switch

Holy sh###t it’s like thanos getting all 5 infinity stones. Pinkie’s gonna tear the universe down to it’s last atom and rebuild it out of cake and other sweet deserts
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