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I really doubt that the rest of the mane six are in a relationship but the show is called friendship is magic. I guess the writers try to keep the main characters bring single because the no hugging, no kissing rule, but it’s very odd that Pinkie Pie of all ponies end up having a family but not the rest of the mane six.
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Background Pony #EE5F
@Background Pony #4677
What are you talking about? There are no hints about Soarin’ anywhere (as much as I like it). If you mean the hair, it’s a Wonderbolts thing.

Agreed. Why only Pinkie? I can hear the "oh, they are too busy with careers", but you can still have a family.
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@Background Pony #6EF2

I’m a little bit disappointed that Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity didn’t end up a family on their own. And speaking of Spike and Rarity, what’s the point of the ship teases between them anyway? If writers don’t want them be a couple then that’s fine, my point is it’s just drag on throughout the series. This is why people have issues with the Sparity ship, it’s goes nowhere.
@Background Pony #6EF2
i feel like it’s better this way, the mane 6 barring Twilight and Pinkie never interacted with many males, and Twilight’s male is a teenage high school kid who from what i know, is over her (Thanks to sunset) So them all having kids with random males would kinda be ’who the fuck did the deed with big hors twig"
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Background Pony #6EF2
@Background Pony #4677
As fun as it would be to see sparity become canon, or the other mane6 with offsprings of their own, I think it’s best they leave ambiguous. I find when a show makes you’re favorite ship canon, they either A.) suck at how it’s developed or B.) go for the favorite ship that’s not yours.
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