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Ol' Dreaddy

The Poonslayer
This all started with what I said… And she will outlive her friends because why would Celestia have her become the ruler if she just dies of old age… IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

Of course it matters. The immortality thing is one of the biggest plot holes of the series.

Honestly, I solved all this by just removing season 9 from my canon. Deleted everything from my HD, just no longer consider it. Currently I'm part of a group that's going to be re-imagining season 9 (taking out the ridiculous stuff like the tree being destroyed and Celestia/Luna retiring, and the idiotic "time skip" with all the nonsense that comes with it). The epilogue was named properly — it is one of the worst episodes of ANY show I have ever seen, and that includes Star Trek Voyager. It's on the level of the Enterprise finale (which was a deliberate middle finger from the producers to the fans). Everyone is so far out of character in that episode (and to a lesser extent most of season 9) that they are practically parodies of themselves. It's insulting and disgusting.

@Ol' Dreaddy
The sad part is that it's canon that Twilight will outlive her friends. Immortality is more a curse then a gift.

Not for me..I've declared fanon discontintuity on season 9 and just nuked everything I had from my HD. I will never consider this garbage canon, and in fact I'm part of a group that is going to make a new season 9 and ending for the show that isn't insulting to the characters.