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Celestia was always so annoyed by her sisters habits and so with the aid of her most faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, She set out to play a mischievous trick on the younger sister.

Twilight on the other hand, Had different plans.
questionable109400 semi-grimdark29030 artist:blueblaze95193 princess celestia93020 princess luna97229 twilight sparkle293883 oc653740 oc:blueblazer46 alicorn214750 pony920687 3d71498 animated96065 belly27099 book32409 broken horn13537 burp1852 butt expansion1108 digestion2729 female1319578 fetish38050 growth5444 horn58900 implied death2497 internal4014 levitation11603 magic70759 mare457261 micro8679 night25177 oral vore794 peeking654 sfm pony1039 size difference13500 sound8151 source filmmaker43759 stomach noise2981 swallowing1866 telekinesis26633 throat bulge3509 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120944 twipred801 vore13923 webm12194 weight gain3997


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Background Pony #5688
I think twili wants help testing out her new plump plot, followed by another meal of course
Background Pony #CE2F
I bet celestia has a reformation spell, I doubt she'd eat her sisters horn if she didn't have some way of fixing it.
Posted Report
Background Pony #0F8F
Need sequel where Twilight decides Celestia would allso look good as parr of her flanks, onlu fair with the flanks Celestia has.

In Treue fest
Twilight is certainly fortunate that Celestia's preferred form of sisterly mischief aligns so well with her ravenous appetite and desire for a plump plot. Of course, the delicious moon princess in question would seem to be rather less fortunate.

I must say, this is just divine! I'm especially loving the bulge in this one and the horn bite was a most exquisite touch.
Kie Dough

By the looks of the ending she'll be resting her taste buds on that cameraman next. I do hope she levetates the camera in his place.
Background Pony #7AF0
Haha I see a blue blaze peeping through the window in the background, awesome work, the finest of detail you put into these is amazing!

Bleh 😐
At'll teach luna not to leave her books all over the place. Hehehe…
Tia must really love seeing twilight eat other horses, first with trixie, now with her own sister ;)
Awesome animation!
Kie Dough

IDK how to take the horn break, I love the gulp and belly animation though, no nasty clipping, and such grandiose bulges

I would love a version of this where Luna is fed with a hornring on and kept in there for a few months though ;

Finally getting out when the horn ring gets dissolved and not her. He'll say by alicorn power or magic spell
Background Pony #064F
Aw man, I initially thought Celestia was the one who was going to swallow Luna. We rarely see good SFM vore with pred Celestia (or any of the bigger alicorns for that matter).
Background Pony #F7A1
These throat and belly flexes are quite the upgrade, whoa. Lovely work with these motions, Seb! You're always so good with adding those bits of personality that are heavily absent in other SFM pony vore animations.
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Oh my yes! I really love this! Nothing like a satisfied Twi after nice meal!! I guess it’s time for dessert~ 💜💜
Hope we can see Celestia fill Twily’s belly too 😍